Musing Mondays - Where is your favourite place to read?

My favourite place to read is actually at work while having my lunchbreak. We take our lunchbreaks in turns, and I get 20 minutes all to my self, escaping into the magical world of books ♥

Right now I'm reading "A discovery of witches" by Deborah Harkness and I love it :)

A discovery of witches

I'm also reading a Swedish book called "Winterapples" (Vinteräpplen) by Josefine Sundstrom, a wonderful book about Tova's escape from her violent husband and the story about her mother and her grandmother. The book is both wonderful and sad, and I'm intentionally NOT bringing it to my lunchbreaks because I way to often burst out in tears while reading :)


Best wishes from Norway :)

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I don't actually get a lunch break at work...but I do read there.

Skrevet av: caite@a lovely shore breeze

06.jun.2011 17:55

That sounds lovely - being able to read at lunchtime. Although I don't think 20mins would be long enough for me!!!

Skrevet av: The Book Gatherer

06.jun.2011 18:13

The Book Gatherer: He he, no I'd love to have twice the time, but I read whenever I get the chance at home as well :)

Skrevet av: anettesbokboble

06.jun.2011 18:19

I get a little bit longer lunch but not by much. Luckily my job affords me the opportunity to read AT work. Yes, I have the dream job. ha! ha!

Thank you for stopping by!

Skrevet av: Cat

06.jun.2011 20:12

How nice you can read during your break. I am retired so I can read anytime, anywhere, but I most like reading at home in my easy chair.

Thanks for visiting My Reading Corner today.

Skrevet av: Gigi Ann

06.jun.2011 20:30

Oh, you get just 20 minutes as lunch break? You must eat awfully fast to have time to eat and read a book too!

Skrevet av: RandomizeME

07.jun.2011 04:06

Thanks for visiting my blog! I think a good lunch time read sounds lovely!

Skrevet av: Melissa Brinkley

07.jun.2011 04:29

Virker som spennende bøker du leser nå:)

Skrevet av: Nina C.

07.jun.2011 18:07